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Rest API#

Info provided below will be rewritten in future.

/api/matches/infoGETMatches list
/api/addmatchPOSTAdd a new match to the database
/api/view/match/:idGETSpecific match info:id -> match id
/api/editmatchPOSTID of a match is necessary
/api/addplayerPOSTAdds a new player to the database
/api/view/player/:idGETSpecific player info:id -> player id
/api/editplayerPOSTID of a player is necessary
/api/playersGETGets all players list
/api/teamsGETTeams list
/api/addclanPOSTAdd a new team to the database
/api/view/team/:idGETGet specific team info
/api/editclanPOSTID of a match is necessary